Thursday, October 25, 2007

First post

I have been planning on creating a blog and sharing my experiences with the IT community for a while - for almost two years actually. Finally, I found the time and the will to create this blog.

Although I will try to include some details about myself in the "profile" section, here's some brief information about me: I have been working in the IT market for fifteen years. I have always worked in technical positions and mostly with Microsoft Server technologies. I have collected (and still collecting) a considerable amount of experience with Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange Server, Desktop Management. I am also a great fan of scripting technologies like vbscript, batch files (yes, why not?) and powershell. For the last couple of years I have produced a number of vbscript files for automating different tasks.

In this site, I will try to share my sample scripts as well as some tips and tricks on Microsoft technologies. Check back often to see the new entries, and I hope you'll find some useful information here. Please do not hesitate to send your comments and questions.

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