Friday, August 27, 2010

Vmware Vcenter 4.1 Upgrade and Search Bug

We have upgraded our virtual center from 4.0 update2 to 4.1 on the 4th of August. After a period of time, we have realized that the search function did not find new vms that we have created since the upgrade.
Made a little bit troubleshooting and diagnosed the problem's cause. It was Tomcat's VcCache-default-0.XhiveDatabase.DB cache database, not working properly. We decided to open a call to vmware and learned that this is accepted as a bug waiting to be fixed soon. And desperately began to wait for the solution.
Today by chance, I made a search in google about the problem again and found the solution!
It was solved on the 25th of August in another case declared to vmware again.
The bug is solved by raising the memory dedicated to tomcat java application. In our case it is solved by raising up to 2 GB.
Here is the link that I found.
I suppose also an official article would be available soon about the bug.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vmware Tools Automatic Upgrade

We have been facing a problem in our environment to upgrade the vmware tools of our guests.
The problem is that some of the guests never automatically upgrades vmware tools even if you have enabled "Check and upgrade tools during power cycling" or selected "Upgrade Tools" within vmware tools tray.
Basically the guest does nothing after you trigger upgrade or power cycle.
After searching for a while we have found an article which has no relation with our case but somehow true and solved the problem.
The problem was caused by a prior vmware tools installation file "vmwaretoolsupgrader.exe" in C:\windows\temp directory to be deleted before triggering the upgrade. After deleting the file, everything works seamless. here is i link to the kb;